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21 MKs and Samaria Council tell AIPAC and Congress: #TwoStateSolution worse than #BDS

ARUTZ SHEVA Samaria leader: ‘AIPAC lobby misleads U.S. elected officials’ by Nitzan Kedar August 12, 2018 Twenty-one Knesset Members addressed an unusual letter to U.S. Congress and AIPAC lobby members, expressing concern and criticism for approving the anti-BDS resolution in … Continue reading

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#TwoStateSolution “recast one of the world’s most tolerant, multi-ethnic, peace-loving, life affirming, bastions of human rights as an illegitimate oppressor”

JEWISH PRESS President Trump Reveals the Hollowness of The “Two-State” Delusion by Bruce Abramson and Jeff Ballabon January 24, 2018 …It began in the early 1990s, when elements of the Israeli far left and the PLO—in clear violation of Israeli … Continue reading

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