Alan Dershowitz “praised Cruz as the most brilliant student he’s ever had in 50 years of teaching law. Not one of the most brilliant — the most. An incredible statement, from a liberal Democrat about a conservative Republican”

Lion Ted
by Jonathan Mark
April 6, 2016

…On the eve of New York’s Republican Primary, Mort Klein, president of the ZOA, still remembers that evening with Cruz nearly two years ago: “He was spectacular. His sincere commitment to Israel, and support for Israel, is as strong as any politician I have ever dealt with. He has a tremendous grasp of the issues, of the Arab-Islamic war against Israel. People I speak to, ardent Zionists, all understand that Cruz is a tremendous friend of Israel.” But do most Jews understand that, and how much does it matter? Klein paused. “I don’t know the answer to that.”…With the Republican Jewish “establishment” clearly less than pleased with the likelihood of a Trump nomination, nevertheless, support for unequivocally pro-Israel Cruz is less than one might suppose. READ MORE

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