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“A terror attack in the Negev ignites a long simmering issue. Has Israel lost control of the Negev and parts of the Galilee?”

ISRAEL FROM THE INSIDE The Enemy Within Daniel Gordis March 28, 2022 …When the Chief of Israel’s Police visited the scene of last week’s terror attack, he was almost assaulted by the crowd of Israelis who had gathered. Usually, when … Continue reading

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“The Guardian reporter clearly made no effort to research the legal history of the Bedouin claims”

MOSAIC MAG Refuting Ilhan Omar’s Latest Libel of Israel November 12, 2020 Last week, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar accused the Jewish state of “a grave crime” and a “violation of international law,” and implied that the U.S. by supporting it was … Continue reading

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The Myth of Ethnic Inequality in Israel

MIDDLE EAST QUARTERLY by Steven Plaut Summer 2014 It is commonplace to attribute much of Israel’s domestic tensions to supposed Jewish discrimination against the country’s Arab citizens.[1] Nearly every Israeli Arab nongovernmental organization insists that such discrimination characterizes the Jewish state … Continue reading

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