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“This so-called intractable conflict is, arguably, the most solvable in today’s war-stricken world. If the self-declared peace-makers were to convince the Palestinian leadership to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, the conflict would be 90% resolved”

TIMES OF ISRAEL “Munich” in Paris 2016 ? by Shimon Samuels May 3, 2016 In September 1938, a democracy (the United Kingdom) and a tyranny(Nazi Germany) met in Munich – an event synonymous with appeasement and the sacrifice of tiny … Continue reading

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1938 and 2015: Only the Names Are Different

DENNISPRAGER.COM July 21, 2015 We say that evil is dark. But this metaphor is imprecise. Evil is actually intensely bright, so painfully bright that people look away from it. Many even deny its existence. Why? Because once people acknowledge evil’s existence, … Continue reading

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History repeats itself When Civilized People Ignore its Lessons

AMERICAN THINKER by Lauri B. Regan April 7, 2015 In both the months leading up to and the days following last week’s announcement by Obama of his capitulation to the tyrannical Islamist Iranians (aka an outline for a possible deal … Continue reading

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Czech Republic President Milos Zeman: We All Must Say ‘I am a Jew’

ALGEMEINER by Shiryn Ghermezian March 2, 2015 Czech Republic President Milos Zeman on Monday urged the global community to show solidarity with the Jewish people and Israel. His remarks were made in a speech at the 2015 American Israel Public … Continue reading

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Nicholas Winton honoured by Czechs for saving children from Nazis

BBC NEWS October 28, 2014 A British man who saved 669 children, most of them Jews, from the Nazis has been awarded the Czech Republic’s highest state honour. Sir Nicholas Winton was 29 when he arranged trains to take the … Continue reading

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