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#Rutgers celebrates women’s and genders study professor who accuses Israel of targeting the ‘vital organs’ of Palestinians

THE COLLEGE FIX Rutgers professor wins award for book that argues Israel purposely maims Palestinians to control them by Staff September 10, 2018 A Rutgers University professor who claimed Israel harvests Palestinian organs co-won the National Women’s Studies Association 2018 … Continue reading

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The author’s “claim where Israel is the personification of whatever is fashionably evil at the moment are not only tenuous – they are fictional”

ELDER OF ZIYON Jasbir Puar’s intersectional anti-Israel academic gibberish October 20, 2017 …It is, as always, an amazing coincidence that such a high percentage of so-called “academics” somehow manage to find Israel to be the paradigm of whatever evil they … Continue reading

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It’s “academic freedom” to lie about and malign Israel

DAILY CALLER In New Low, Scholars Defend Medieval Blood Libel Charges Against Israel by Cinnamon Stillwell March 7, 2016 Leave it to the Middle East studies establishment to defend the vilest forms of conspiratorial anti-Semitic rhetoric, provided it’s in service … Continue reading

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