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Arson fire set at Torat Chaim yeshiva in eastern Moscow as 60 people gather there for Passover Seder

ARUTZ SHEVA Moscow yeshiva set on fire during Passover Seder by Elad Benari April 19, 2019 An arson fire was set at the largest yeshiva in Russia as during a Passover Seder on Friday, Jewish officials said, according to The … Continue reading

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Assad fearing “frenemy” Iran, needs Russian protection

SPIEGEL ONLINE The Iranian Project: Why Assad Has Turned to Moscow for Help by Christoph Reuter October 6, 2015 Fear of his enemies was the primary reason for Bashar Assad’s call for help to Moscow. “But right after that came … Continue reading

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Mideast region ‘realignment’ appears to include closer Israel-Russia ties

ASIA TIMES New realignment in the Middle East by Manish Rai September 30, 2015 …The two countries have historically been on opposite sides of the Middle East divide, with the former Soviet Union being the principal supplier of military equipment … Continue reading

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China is the Likely Winner in Ukraine

BSA CENTER By David Goldman May 19, 2014 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Ukraine crisis has created a catalyst for Sino-Russian rapprochement. Events in Ukraine have persuaded Russia that it cannot rely on Western Europe as its primary market for hydrocarbon exports. Consequently, … Continue reading

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