Left continues to defend Islam, prioritizes “victims” over “values”

Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins Criticize Other Leftists Over Islam
by Steve Chambers
October 12, 2015

For well over a decade, brave and outspoken former Leftists and liberals such as David Horowitz and Phyllis Chesler have pointed out that the Left has aggressively defended Islam despite its violation of many values sacred to the Left, especially but not exclusively women’s rights.  Led on the intellectual front for decades by the likes of Edward Said and now on the foreign policy front by his feckless protégé Barack Obama, the Left has enabled Islam’s radicals to immiserate tens of millions of people around the globe…many other unimpeachable liberals such as Salman Rushdie, Sam Harris, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, are calling out those violations…Liberal scholar of the psychology of ideology Jonathan Haidt has tweeted that he believes that once the Left has adopted some group as victims, they cannot bring themselves to criticize that group. READ MORE

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