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David Horowitz “grew up in a communist household with parents who were true believers in the superiority of Marxist-Leninist thinking and the model of the Soviet Union as a pathway to a better world”

AMERICAN THINKER David Horowitz Explains the Ruling Ideas of the Left by Richard Baehr April 14, 2018 Many people I know grew up in liberal households, and at some point in their lives, they gravitated to the right politically.  Many others … Continue reading

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Most Jewish students arrive on campus like deer in the headlights

FRONT PAGE MAG The ‘Unholy Alliance’ Comes to Campus by Sara Dogan February 18, 2016 Conservative author David Horowitz has long written about the “Unholy Alliance” that exists between Islamic extremists and the American Left. Now, a new series of … Continue reading

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Left continues to defend Islam, prioritizes “victims” over “values”

AMERICAN THINKER Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins Criticize Other Leftists Over Islam by Steve Chambers October 12, 2015 …For well over a decade, brave and outspoken former Leftists and liberals such as David Horowitz and Phyllis Chesler have pointed out … Continue reading

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Summing Up a Life, David Horowitz’s story

AMERICAN THINKER by Richard Baehr June 16, 2015 In November 2014 I was invited to speak at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s conference in Florida. I had not seen David for a few years, and he walked a bit gingerly … Continue reading

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Jew Hatred on Campus

FRONT PAGE MAG April 24, 2015 David Horowitz: It’s kind of obvious the Jews are the canaries in the mine.  The canaries were taken by miners, as you know, into the mines, and when the canary died you knew there … Continue reading

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