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“How a pro-Palestinian Georgetown student became a Zionist”

MIDDLE EAST FORUM The Accidental Zionist by Gary C. Gambill September 5, 2017 I was staunchly pro-Palestinian when I arrived at Georgetown University to begin studying for an MA in Arab Studies in the fall of 1995, or at least … Continue reading

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Middle East Expert Debunks ‘Poverty and Ignorance’ Excuse for Radicalism [VIDEO]

TRUTH REVOLT by Bradford Thomas June 15, 2015 “It is not poverty and misery that creates religious extremism. It is religious extremism that creates poverty and misery. And death.” …Haroon Ullah, a senior State Department advisor and field researcher in South … Continue reading

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Social Injustice Ate My Homework

NATIONAL REVIEW by Charles C. W. Cooke December 9, 2014 If there were a First Rule of our present penchant for victimhood, it would presumably be that everything unpleasant that happens in the world must, in some way, eventually be … Continue reading

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