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The British Left: A warm home for Jew-haters e.g. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party and Sadiq Khan, London’s new mayor

FRONT PAGE MAG More than is Absolutely Necessary by Caroline Glick May 6, 2016 …The first reason for the uproar over Jew-hatred is that the party is led by Jeremy Corbyn, a man who, at a minimum, has a marked, … Continue reading

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UK PM Cameron Delivers Landmark Speech on Islamism

CLARION PROJECT by Elliot Friedland July 21, 2015 In a first for a Western country, the UK leader clearly named the problem of Islamist extremism as distinct from, but related to, Islam. UK Prime Minister David Cameron gave a landmark … Continue reading

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British Home Secretary to Islamic Extremists: “The Game is Up”

GATESTONE by Soeren Kern April 2, 2015 British Home Secretary Theresa May has unveiled a series of new proposals aimed at combating Islamic extremism “in all its forms.” The plan is part of the Tory election manifesto, a declaration of policies … Continue reading

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