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“As Hamas expands its tunnel network in Gaza, Israel, and the United States are collaborating on a clandestine project to thwart the Islamist group’s subterranean advantage”

FOREIGN POLICY Israel Is Building a Secret Tunnel-Destroying Weapon by Yardena Schwartz March 10, 2016 …According to intelligence officials, Israeli engineers are working tirelessly to develop what’s being called the “Underground Iron Dome” — a system that could detect and … Continue reading

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Fringe Israeli voices that demonize our society are given legitimacy in America

THE JEWISH WEEK Why Israel Is Frustrated With American Jewish Leaders by Gerald M Steinberg January 27, 2016 In Jerusalem, I read Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “Frustration With Israel Is Growing Here At Home” (Jan. 8), with my own sense of … Continue reading

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Dennis Ross on evolution of Israeli-American diplomatic relations

AMERICAN THINKER Understanding the U.S./Israeli Relationship by Elise Cooper December 29, 2015 …Regarding the Palestinians, President Obama, according to Ross, “sees them as too weak to criticize and therefore reserves his criticism for Israel. The problem is when you give … Continue reading

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On one hand the #IranDeal, on the other…

DEFENSE NEWS Carter Pledges to Boost Israel’s Military Edge by Barbara Opall-Rome October 28, 2015 US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has pledged to enhance “the entire spectrum” of strategic cooperation with Israel, from cyber defense and high-end attack capabilities down … Continue reading

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US officers participate in Israel’s first-ever international officers course

DEFENSE NEWS US Military Intensifies Cooperation With Israel by Barbara Opall-Rome October 18, 2015 The US and Israel are marking a jam-packed week of military-to-military cooperation that cuts across all services and command echelons, from America’s top-ranked officer – USMC … Continue reading

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The Greatest Liberation

WEEKLY STANDARD by Warren Kozak August 15, 2015 Humanitarians in uniform. Many years ago, I struck up a conversation with a Dutch businessman in a hotel in China. In the course of our discussion, I learned that he had been … Continue reading

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The Jewish Left Loves Israel to Death

THE OBSERVER by Jonathan Greenberg July 7, 2015 Peter Beinart and other leftists believe American cultural tide is shifting against Israel, but there’s little evidence for that ….This has been the mantra of the Jewish Left for some time: If … Continue reading

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